How to achieve the best use effect of computer monitor

Pub Date:2022-06-21Views: 1111

1. setting of display refresh rate: the refresh rate is the field frequency, which refers to the number of times the picture is repeatedly drawn per second, in Hz. The higher the refresh rate, the more stable the screen display and the smaller the flicker. The eyes of ordinary people can hardly feel flicker at the refresh rate above 75Hz, and there is no flicker at the refresh rate above 85Hz. Therefore, VESA International Video Association has formulated the 85Hz progressive scanning as a non flicker standard. The refresh rate of ordinary color TV is only 50Hz. At present, the lowest refresh rate of computer output to the display is 60Hz. It is recommended that you use the refresh rate of 85Hz.

2. setting of display resolution: resolution is the standard for defining picture resolution, which is determined by the number of pixels per frame. It is expressed by the number of horizontally displayed images x the number of horizontal scanning lines. For example, 1024768 indicates that an image consists of 1024768 points. The higher the resolution, the clearer the displayed image will be. However, this does not mean that setting the resolution higher is better, because the resolution of the display is ultimately determined by the size and dot spacing of the picture tube. The following resolutions / refresh rates are recommended: 14 inch and 15 inch monitors, 800600/85hz; 17 inch display, 1024768 /85hz; 19 inch and above monitors, 12801024/85hz. Now the famous brand monitors on the market can basically meet the above indicators.

3. display color setting: the display can display unlimited colors. At present, the graphics card of ordinary computer can display 32-bit true color, 24 bit true color, 16 bit enhanced color and 256 colors. In addition to 256 colors, you can choose at will within the allowable range of the graphics card according to your own needs. Many users have a misconception that 256 colors is the most advanced option, but in fact it is the opposite. 256 colors is the lowest level option, which can no longer meet the display needs of color images. 16 bits are not 16 colors, but 16 colors to the 16th power of 2 (256256), but 256 colors are 256 colors to the 8th power of 2. So 16 bit color is much richer than 256 color.

4. setting of video protection and sleep state: the monitor is the slowest product eliminated in computer equipment. The 14 inch color display purchased five years ago can also be used now, but if anyone still uses the CPU, memory and hard disk of five years ago, he must be a collector. The life of the display mainly depends on the life of the picture tube. The lifetime of picture tubes used by the world's famous display manufacturers is almost the same, basically within 12000 hours. The user's use method has a great impact on the life of kinescope. Therefore, it is recommended that you set the monitor visual protection and sleep status. Generally, the time to enter the visual protection is about a few minutes, and the time to enter the sleep is about 10 minutes. The visual protection status can prevent the picture tube from being burned by the electron beam when you are not using the computer temporarily. Hibernation can automatically turn off the monitor when you are not using the computer for a long time. Only the CPU is working in the dormant state, and the energy consumption is only about 5% of that in the normal state, which not only prolongs the service time of the display, but also saves electric energy.

Note that the above four settings are made on the microcomputer. They are set in the display attribute option of the control panel. The display itself cannot be set as above.