What is the difference between LCD and LED LCD

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Compared with LCD display, LED display has more advantages in brightness, power consumption, visual angle and refresh rate. Navigation to this web page has been canceled. LED technology can be used to produce thinner, brighter and clearer displays than LCD.

1. The power consumption ratio of LED and LCD is about 1:10, and LED is more energy-saving.

2. LED has higher refresh rate and better performance in video.

3. LED provides a 160 ° wide viewing angle, can display various text, digital, color images and animation information, and can play color video signals such as TV, video, VCD and DVD.

4. The reaction speed of a single element of the LED display screen is 1000 times that of the LCD screen. It can be taken care of in strong light, and is suitable for the low temperature of minus 40 degrees.

In short, LCD and LED are two different display technologies. LCD is a display screen composed of liquid crystals, while LED is a display screen composed of light-emitting diodes.

Difference between LED display and LCD display:

LED backlight: power saving (30%~50% compared with CCFL), high price, high brightness and saturation.

CCFL backlight: it is cheaper than LED backlight in terms of power consumption (still much less than CRT).

Picture difference: the LED backlight has bright color and high saturation (the natural light source of CCFL and LED is different).

How to distinguish: LED backlight will emphasize LED TV in particular, but CCFL LCD TV is not emphasized